What Crystal Do I need To Work With?

Many of us are so drawn to crystals that we can’t resist buying them. They are indeed beautiful beings who want to work with us, but we can’t always afford to buy every crystal we are drawn to!

How Do We Know What We REALLY Need?

Crystal colors are directly related to the color of the chakras due to their vibrational frequencies, so the simple rule of thumb is to select the color of the chakra which needs clearing or balancing. Intuitively most of us know our weakest chakra. Generally the personal color we are drawn to for our everyday lives such as our clothes is the same color range for the crystals we purchase. Bear in mind that our chakras fluctuate constantly, so each day we may feel drawn to different colors. When wearing crystal jewelry or carrying crystals within the aura, our energy fields are realigned with the vibration of the crystals, thus bringing balance to the associated chakra.

However, some crystals are clear, white, or mixed in color so it can be confusing to choose. Reading the description on crystal properties is very useful but it can be overwhelming.

To choose a crystal for yourself, first you need to clear and activate it. Hold it in your receiving hand, usually the left or the non-dominant hand, then center yourself and visualize light coming down from the Cosmos through your Crown, through the body and into the Earth. Then draw up the Earth energy into your Heart while drawing down the Cosmos Light again. See or feel the Light come down your arm and into the crystal. This Light cleans and activates the crystal. If you feel tingling, warmth or any vibration in your hand, arm, heart or tongue then the crystal wishes to work with you.

After this activation mediation, you might ask the crystal for a message and the answer may come to you as images, thoughts or words, feelings, or a knowing. Some people are highly attuned to crystals and can communicate naturally with them, but we can all build a strong connection by working more and more with our crystals.

Young children, especially the Crystal Children, are very connected to Mother Earth and the Crystal Kingdom, so they know intuitively what crystals they need. Their choices give you an accurate indication of areas you need to focus on for your child, such as grounding, protection, love, personal power and so forth. Get them to choose your crystals if you are not sure which ones you need!

Remember we can easily become addicted to crystals! Try to keep a balance about everything in life. Also keep things flowing to avoid stagnant or blocked energy, so work with your crystals while you have them but be willing to let them go when it’s time for them to move on to help others.

Enjoy your beautiful crystal friends!

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