The New Dawn

A Revelation of Egyptian Mysteries

InnerSelf magazine 2014

Edited 2020

As humanity survived the 21:12:12 End Time prophecy, it is a time to embrace the New Dawn, a Divine opportunity given to mankind to create a Heaven on this Planet Earth.

Throughout our spiritual evolution, we saw rise and fall of civilizations, dawns and dusks, and history repeated itself. From the seeding of the planet Earth we rose to the Golden Age of Lemuria, the technologically advanced Atlantean civilization and we then felt by our own destructions. Once again we became spiritually advanced in Ancient Egyptian & Mayan civilizations, the ended in our falls. We are now approaching the age of enlightenment “The Golden Age of Aquarius”.

The rise and fall of civilizations has been perceived as a natural process “the circle of life” and that the souls can only master their lessons through hardships. Certainly, through war, suffering, sorrow and death one appreciates peace, joy, happiness and life hence the catalyst for the rise of civilization and spiritual awareness. Through periods of prolonged peace, boredom, non-appreciation and other negative human traits begin to influence and corrupt the human mind. It begets the values of love and the civilization thus begins its fall.

The Dark Forces of the universe are certainly responsible for these falls, but as spiritual beings, we are responsible for our spiritual evolution. That is to stay in the Light, focusing on Love, and have the freewill to resist temptations, corruptions and external influences.

Since the fall of Atlantis, ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations were the most highly evolved civilisations. Their culture, pyramids and ruins are still being studied and puzzled by our Archaeologists and Scientists. Channeled information indicates that these civilizations including Tibet were established by Atlantean survivors.

The Tibetans learned from the fall and have been focusing on peace, non-attachment to material life and the inner-work which have led them to mountain high and come closer to heaven. The Tibetans have brought much peace to humanity yet the art of creating Heaven on Earth has not been mastered; for the balance of spiritual and earthly life has not been their main focus. Although in recent years, some Tibetan monks live normal marital lives and attempt to balance Heaven and Earth.

The ancient Egyptians, on the other hand, mastered the arts of creating Heaven on Earth through their worshiping of deities and working with these Gods and Goddesses in all aspects of their lives and within their societies. They invited the deities into their lives!

Priests and priestesses lived normal lives but volunteered their service as channels of Divine energies to the land and to others. They also assisted in the process of journeying to the afterlife, in astronomy and prophecy.

Their high priests and priestesses also mastered the arts of alchemy by working with the deities and with the elements of nature. The energies were balanced and channeled into the temples and pyramids then spread throughout the land and its inhabitants.

The ancient Egyptians spent most of their life preparing for their journey to the afterlife. They lived in harmony and focused on spiritual evolution so that in the afterlife they could travel in their solar boat on the celestial water to rejoin their Gods in heaven. It is truly a spiritual journey of returning to the source of creation.

Ancient Egypt existed in countless thousands of years in the state of balance and harmony.

Towards the end of Ancient Egypt, the beginning of the fall, temple priests and priestesses allowed their ego, control and power to interfere with lives. These negative traits open the door for Dark Forces to enter. They became influenced and corrupted. Human sacrifice and slavery brought fear and sufferings to the once holy and sacred land. The pyramids and temples are altered to depict the hidden Dark entities, the Reptilians.

The ancient knowledge and wisdom only retained by those priests and priestesses who chose to stay pure of heart, and as their civilization continued to fall, they were exiled and brought knowledge to other parts of the world.

Similarly the Mayans were highly evolved like the Egyptian, but towards later dates, they too based their society on fear and human sacrifice which led to their falls.

As we enter the New Dawn, the time of change, and of reflection. By accessing the ancient wisdom and knowledge we can gather the momentum to leap forward in our spiritual evolution.

The knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Egypt are given in the form of hieroglyphs recorded on the temple walls, tombs and pyramids. However, they are symbols and riddles which have not been fully understood or have been misinterpreted because much knowledge was lost after the fall. Bear in mind that what remains are of the late Ancient Egypt, period when fear and dark corruption that brought down the civilization.

In recent years, many Light Beings has returned, awakening and gathering volunteered souls, the Light-workers, revealing to the world the hidden secrets of Ancient Egypt. The knowledge and wisdom once was pure and of highest intention for human growth and evolution. These Beings reminds us that such knowledge can be used in negative ways which could lead us to our own destruction like the time of late Atlantian, Egyptian and Mayan.

Human mind and soul are vulnerable and easily corrupted due to our thirst for knowledge, experience and learning, but if we are conscious of our thoughts, emotions and intention we can chose firmly to stay in the Light, focus on love and oneness, then nothing can affect and corrupt our Heart, Mind and Soul.

Prior to 2011, I had been to Egypt several times as a tourist to admire the pyramids and temple ruins from an architectural perspective. These visits awakened my soul to the hidden mysteries of Egypt as I felt the powerful energy in the structures of the temple and pyramids. In front of the pyramids, I experienced time standing still, and the rise and fall of civilizations flashed in front of my eyes.

Until I studied about Egyptian Mysteries and after participated in the Meditation Journey 2011, I began to understand the secrets, power, knowledge and wisdom of Ancient Egypt. I came to realize that the architectural grandeur of the temples and the pyramids, and their hieroglyphs, are only the tip of the iceberg. Through this ancient civilization, not only we can understand the existence of the cosmos but the journey of the souls manifesting between form and formless, through time and space.

We cannot break the “circle of life” or change the imminent nature of All Things. However, by understanding that the rise and fall should not be a “starting from scratch” but a spiral evolution process in which the rises are prominent and falls are minimized, recognized, prevented, and lessons learnt; then history won’t repeat itself and the spiritual evolution of mankind will be constantly on the rise.

Ancient Egyptian civilization can truly reveal to us the secrets of manifesting Heaven on Earth and a smooth soul journey on the celestial ocean to return to the source which is the ultimate purpose for all souls!

Author Notes 2020

There are many sources that consider the Egyptian or Mayan are civilisations are created by the Reptilians because what we see on the temples and chambers' walls are depicted with snakes, lizards symbols and the worshiping of the Sun.

I have studied the ancient mysteries and have experienced the infiltration of the Dark Entities that took over the minds of those spiritual seekers whose Heart and Mind still held on to Ego, Power and Fame. These Dark Forces are globally organised operation that infiltrates and compromises spiritual community for their Global Control agenda, the New World Order. They are invisible and hence undetectable by the mass. They possess keys members of societies and control our world.

I truly believe that the original intention, culture and belief of the Ancient Egyptians were of Pure Light. The falls are the results of Dark Forces' infiltration, manipulation and corruption that brought darkness and destruction into our physical realm. These dark forces are behind humanity today and they are growing in force. Unless humanity open our Hearts to Unconditional Love, living in peace and harmony with ourselves, others, the planet and the cosmos, we will too fall into Darkness and end up destroy ourselves, our societies and our world!

It is important that we don't jump into a conclusion quickly and label everything to do with Ancient Egypt as Reptilians and therefore dark and evil. These dark entities primary skill is deception. Humanity has been deceived at every layers. They invert all Life (creation) into Death (destruction) because it is their nature. They deceive us so that we human are kept under control in that they harness our Life forces and especially the negative energy that we emanate resulted from extreme negative thoughts and emotions. The Ancient Egyptians were too deceived and enslaved towards their falls.

Knowledge is power and it can be used for positive or negative purposes. Abuse of power results in karma that requires balance. Ancient spiritual knowledge has been taken and hidden from humanity. It has been used to enslave humanity by the secret societies. They use the knowledge to harness the power of Creation for their inverted purpose, that is of Death and destruction. For this reason, our world is out of balance and it requires corrections, that is more Light. Be conscious of our thoughts and actions when it comes to our desires and greed for power and fame, because it is the path to Darkness.

In the recent years, many key spiritual members of the spiritual community has removed themselves from the world and avoid confronting the expansion of Dark Forces. This is a denial and by doing so, they abandon their soul missions as Light Bearers and Keepers of Cosmic Balance. Others went so far as denying Angelic realms just because they were deceived by the Dark Forces as angels in disguise. Instead as Light-workers or Light-Bearers, we must maintain our Truth, Purity of heart and Mind, and with Trust and Faith in the Light and Creation, we must stand firm in the Light and help others to find their ways back to their Lights, to maintain the Cosmic Balance.

I hope this knowledge would help us on our journey to create Heaven on Earth for ourselves, others and our future generations. Let's purify our Minds, Hearts and Souls to stay free from the influences of Dark Forces.

The Age of Aquarius is an era of Purification and flow with the Universal Abundance of Life.

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