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Energy Shifts

InnerSelf magazine 2012

In the recent years, there has been increasing waves of energy coming to the planet and we are now in the middle of the “Great Shift”, the year 2012!

Many call this the “Time of The Quickening”, the “End Time” while others ascertain the coming of “the Golden Age”… a “Time of Awakening”.

The doom and gloom view of 2012 versus the glowing prophecy of the “Golden Age” are certainly contradicting and confusing!

“As above so below and the future is certainly not fixed…” so the angels say. We are responsible for our own happiness and our future because our thoughts and emotions affect others and the whole cosmos! That is we are all interconnected.

The new waves of energies have arrived and are coming at an increasing intensity and interval; and so are the battles between dark and light in physical dimension and throughout other realms!

For those who have been constantly struggling with the everyday life would find the energy shifts challenging! The new energies are forcing us to deal with dysfunctional relationships around us, confront our shadow sides, and search for our soul/ inner peace thus bringing forth positive changes. Dis-eases, illnesses, anxieties, depressions, and feeling disconnected or overwhelmed are the common tendencies when one can’t cope with the new energies!

Even positive, peaceful people who live with joys and happiness find it overwhelming due to the quickening of time and intensity of the mixed collective energies!

Staying healthy, positive and connecting with Heaven and Earth is a simple way to maintain a high level of vibration thus coping with the energy shifts.

Exercise, yoga and meditation help strengthen the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Physical exercise releases happy brain chemicals (Endorphins, Serotonin and Dopamine) into to the body thus we feel more energetic and positive. Yoga assists the flow of energy throughout the body by unblocking energy centres (chakras) and meridians. Meditation brings stillness to the mind so we can feel our body, know our emotions and stay in charge of our thoughts, emotions and actions. Once we know “thy-self” we then know others and the environment we are in thus raising awareness and intuition.

As we embark on spiritual journeys we strengthen our spiritual body. Many spiritual people cope more effectively in time of change, hardship, loss and despairs. Faith, Hope and Trust in the Divine order help to ease illness, stress and bring inner peace to the soul. Whether believing in God, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Mother Mary, Angels or Ancestral Spirits; simply ask for daily guidance and protection would bring harmony and balance.

Working with crystals and having regular energy healing help maintaining and further raising energy vibration. Crystals store, amplify and transmute energy thus are powerful tools for protecting, raising and grounding energy. Black tourmaline is wonderful for grounding and protection. Golden Calcite, Moldavite and Tektite are excellent for grounding spiritual energy into the earth plane.

Having regular energy healing, through self-healing or with healers, help balancing the overall energy system i.e physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. More advanced spiritual healing involving karmic release and soul healing; can further eliminate negative imprints and impacts on the current physical body thus accelerates the spiritual-body and raises energy vibration.

The Universal Law of Free-Will allows us to choose between Love and Fear, Light and Dark, Heaven and Hell on Earth, a new-beginning and ending. These polarities coexist through time and dimensions. We can’t push away Darkness, fear or ending but by acknowledging them we can choose to stay in the Light, focus on Love and creating Heaven on Earth for ourselves and others.

No one knows what the future hold but we can certainly manifest our desired outcome. If we all live in harmony with ourselves, others, the world and Cosmos then the “Golden Age” is already here within each and every one!

Author Notes 2020

We are riding on the wave of a Dark current that sweep our world! This year has been a challenging time for humanity.

More than ever, we need to stay centered and rise above all fears. By taking care of ourselves and our loved ones, staying positive and create Heaven for ourselves, we help raising our collective consciousness.

At this difficult time, focus on Love and help waking those around us to what lies beyond the physical, the unseen Dark force that enslave humanity. Once we raise our awareness and stand firm in the Light, we shall transmute all Darkness.

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