expansion of knowledge
only possible through
an open mind

The Truth Shall Set Us Free!

Let go of the Ego, still our Mind and open our Heart,
let the information resonates with our inner knowing
so that we can find our truth!

Helpful Spiritual Information

Helpful Contacts

Astrid Lohnes

Intuitive Coaching & Energy Healing
Hong Kong

Margaret Doner


Michael Swiss


Holistic Page

Spiritual books online
Tel (02) 9988 4215

Spiritual Venues Australia

Karuna Wellness Centre

Suite 2, First Floor
Chivers hill Shopping Centre
1020 Forest Rd
Lugarnno NSW 2210

A Place To Just Be
4a Preston Point Rd
East Fremantle WA 6168
Tel 0405 670 803

Helpful Media


"Revelation of The Mother Goddess" Document by David Icke
Global Control, Dark Forces, Secret Societies, Satanic Rituals

Arizona Wilder Mind Control, Dark Forces, Satanic Rituals. ETs

"Awaken" 2014 David Icke Live at Wembley Arena
Global Control, Dark Forces, Secret Societies, Sprituality

Blue Blood, True Blood by Steward Swerdlow Alternate World History, Bloodlines, ETs

Credo Mutwa interviewed by David Icke The Reptilian Agenda
Global control, Reptilian Bloodlines, ETs

The Pyramid of


Jessica Dao

Intuitive Reading
Spiritual and Energy Healing
Spiritual and Relationship Counselling
Aromatherapy, Massage, Acupressure & Traditional Natural Therapy
Spiritual Courses & Workshops

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