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Jessica is available for consultation from South Australia and Dubai.


Consultation is available before and after the courses at the venue in your city.

Please check the Events and Course Dates for details.


General Consultation
Reading, healing and counselling  combined
in person AUD $120/90min.

Deep Meditation Session
Emotional Release or Advanced Spirit/Entity Release
in person AUD $300/(3-4 hours)



Distant Consultation
Emotional Release or Advanced Spirit/Entity Release
USD $100 (60min)



Initial Distant Reading
Reading with Jessica USD $60/30min


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Useful Information & Frequently Asked Questions

The physical universe is made of energy and so is our physical body. We
exist within the universe of energy and we are all interconnected. Like the
trees which are fed by sunlight and the nurturing earth, our body is nurtured
by the flow of universal energy which is invisible to most of us!

Within us, there exists the energy systems of Chakras and Meridians. 

In Hindu Metaphysic, Chakra are energy centres, the interface of our physical body and the Universal energy.  From these Chakras, the Universal energy is channelled to the physical body via an energy conduits called the Meridians which are the main focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture.

Once these energy systems are open, balance and flowing, we maintain health and
universal abundance.

Energy blockages in the physical body exist either in the chakras or within
the meridians.

Causes of chakra blockages may be a recent trauma, dysfunctional
thought or beliefs, external influences such as spirits or unseen entities, drugs or chemical. Often, these blockages could be traced back to a past life through deep meditation.

Meridians are energy conduits which distribute energy throughout our body. Blockages in the meridians may be a result of physical strains, accidents, injuries, illnesses or by external spiritual influences.

When these blockages exist, the universal flow of energy is being interfered thus the body manifests physical limitations and illnesses. For example, emotional trauma (either past-life or childhood) may result in suppressed emotions thus blocking the heart chakra. This restricts the universal flow of energy into the body and the person may overtime developing cancer in the organs around the heart chakra such as breasts and lungs.

Many of our physical conditions such as injuries, illnesses, depression, negative behavioural patterns are caused by blockages in our energy system within the physical body, the chakras and meridians, by emotional suppression, reaction, or triggers resulting from childhood or past-life traumas, by dysfunctions in our belief system or thought forms, by karmic contracts, or by external influences such as disincarnated spirits or Dark energies or entities

Energy Healing is the process of channeling the Universal energy into a person who is energetically depleted.  Reiki is a form of Energy Healing which also incorporates colours and symbols.

We all have the healing ability and are able to channel energy to one another. However, Energy Healing is only effective if we are keeping our energy higher than the one who is in need of healing. Also, to be a clear conduit to channel the Universal energy is very important. Our state of mind and emotion do affect the energy we channel and therefore it will affect the person who receives it.

When a person has blockages in any of the system, i.e in the chakras, the meridians or within the physical body, the energy healing is not fully effective. the person will feel a little better but the healing affect is very short, perhaps a few days.

All illnesses and dis-eases are caused by blockages or dysfunctions in our energy system plus our spiritual state of consciousness. 

Holistic healing therefore should address all aspects of our body, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Spiritual healing encompasses all aspects of our being and wellness. It is a natural and holistic healing approach that involves clearing and healing the Body, Mind, Heart and Soul.

All physical symptoms and conditions are healed by clearing energy blockages in the energy body which comprises the physical, mental and emotional aspects.

Spiritual aspect of our body is then further addressed by clearing of any undesirable external influences, such as spirit attachments or dark entity possession.  


Spiritual healing involves diagnosis and healing the physical condition by
working with Divine guidance, identifying the condition through non-conventional means such as sensing and seeing with the 6th sense, clearing external influences and blockages at physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels, clearing karma, channeling
the Divine healing energy (Chi), retrieving soul fragments and heal the soul at
many levels.

Blockages in emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are cleared through energy healing, emotional releasing, counselling, spirit releasing, karmic releasing, and soul healing.

For the physical body, by relieving pressures (unblocking) in the acupuncture points combined with aromatherapy, massage and traditional natural remedies such as cupping, we can assist the flow and distribution of energy along the meridians and the physical blood and lymphatic circulation in the body.

By clearing energy blockages and working with the universal energy (Chi), we can overcome and heal many limitations and illnesses. Further, by working with the spirit world and with Hope, Trust and Faith, we can heal miraculously beyond our belief.

With the emphatic ability, Jessica can sense, locate and effectively clear the blockages in the meridians and has helped her clients to heal their physical dis-eases. 

We are all unique souls incarnated on this earth for different reasons, purposes and missions thus each of us have different soul journey with unique lessons and experiences.

Therefore, as long as we honour our experiences and learn from them, we achieve our soul purpose and growth.

Seeing our life from this spiritual soul growth perspective helps us going through this earth life with ease, inner-peace and non-attachment. The physical conditions we have or experience are simply for our spiritual growth. All difficult situations and people we encounter are our greatest teachers!

Bring a set of loose and comfortable clothes to change into when arrive at the venue.

Drink plenty of pure water or green tea a few days before the session. A detox program would be very beneficial.

Purify your mind and emotion is also important.  

Where we have blockages in our physical body, pain accumulates and after a long period of time, the body  becomes numb to protect us from feeling the pains.

As Jessica clears those areas, you will feel the pains, which if not being there at the first place then you won’t feel anything.

during the clearing, the pain will subside and only a residue remains. The body will then realise and remember the blockages and it will help us doing the remaining part of the healing over the next couples of days. The pains will disappear.

After the healing you should feel very light and more energized. Some physical injuries will clear after a session, however, long term and heavy injuries take several sessions to clear and heal.

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