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Clearing Energy Blockages in the physical body with Energy healing, Aromatherapy, Massage, Acupressure & traditional natural remedies

honor & treasure our divine body!
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Healing with Jessica

In person AUD $150/90min


Jessica is available for consultation from South Australia and Dubai.


Consultation is available before and after the courses at the venue in your city.

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Useful Information & Frequently Asked Questions

The physical universe is made of energy and so is our physical body. We
exist within the universe of energy and we are all interconnected. Like the
trees which are fed by sunlight and the nurturing earth, our body is nurtured
by the flow of universal energy which is invisible to most of us!

Within us, there exists the energy systems of Chakras and Meridians. 

In Hindu Metaphysic, Chakra are energy centres, the interface of our physical body and the Universal energy.  From these Chakras, the Universal energy is channelled to the physical body via an energy conduits called the Meridians which are the main focus in Traditional Chinese Medicine such as Acupuncture.

Once these energy systems are open, balance and flowing, we maintain health and
universal abundance.

Energy blockages in the physical body exist either in the chakras or within
the meridians.

Causes of chakra blockages may be a recent trauma, dysfunctional
thought or beliefs, external influences such as spirits or unseen entities, drugs or chemical. Often, these blockages could be traced back to a past life through deep meditation.

Meridians are energy conduits which distribute energy throughout our body. Blockages in the meridians may be a result of physical strains, accidents, injuries, illnesses or by external spiritual influences.


When these blockages exist, the universal flow of energy is being interfered thus the body manifests physical limitations and illnesses. For example, emotional trauma (either past-life or childhood) may result in suppressed emotions thus blocking the heart chakra. This restricts the universal flow of energy into the body and the person may overtime developing cancer in the organs around the heart chakra such as breasts and lungs.


Any physical injuries, whether mild or severe causes blockages for a very simple reason that they restrict our physical circulation, the lymphatic fluid and blood flow.

The damages in the tissues or broken blood or lymph vessels create the physical blockages. 

Energy flows through the energetic network of Chakras and Meridians to our organs and tissues. The lymphatic network is the physical interface of the energy Meridians. When the lymphatic conduits and lymph nodes under our skin are damaged, energy can’t get to our tissues via the blood circulation. 

Through massage we can promote the clearing of the debris caused by injuries, such as dead blood or stagnated blood that has not been able to be cleared by our body because the vessels have been broken and blocked. It also promotes our body to sweat out these debris though our skin and the lymphatic network. 

Stretching and exercise helps releasing the cramp or stiff muscles and  tendons, which promotes circulation and thus the healing of the physical body.

Acupressure has been around since Ancient Egypt. It has been widely used in Chinese Medicine as an alternative to or in association with acupuncture. The process involves applying pressure to points along the Meridians where the energy is blocked.


With the emphatic ability, Jessica can sense, locate the physical blockages and effectively clear them using acupressure and massages. She has helped many of her clients overcome their uncomfortable physical conditions and heal past injuries.

Bring a set of loose and comfortable clothes to change into when arrive at the venue.

Drink plenty of pure water or green tea a few days before the session. A detox program would be very beneficial.

Purify your mind and emotion is also important.  

Where we have blockages in our physical body, pain accumulates and after a long period of time, the body  becomes numb to protect us from feeling the pains.

As Jessica clears those areas, you will feel the pains, which if not being there at the first place then you won’t feel anything.

during the clearing, the pain will subside and only a residue remains. The body will then realise and remember the blockages and it will help us doing the remaining part of the healing over the next couples of days. The pains will disappear.

After the healing you should feel very light and more energized. Some physical injuries will clear after a session, however, long term and heavy injuries take several sessions to clear and heal.

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