Children of The Stars

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow

published 2011

Spiritually Gifted Children

We often get caught up in the fast moving lifestyle of our high-tech and materialistic society and wonder where the time has gone! Our children grow up so quickly while we juggle between raising them and maintaining our work/life balance.

Many parents are constantly under the stress of earning a living; and of course the stress caused by their children and especially their teenagers. How many of us get frustrated with our rebellious children? Or wondering why our children are so different from one another? Others are blessed with loving, compassionate, considerate and caring children who are so content with themselves, their environment and the people around them.

Unconsciously, we could easily overlook these children because we are being distracted to keep up with the pressures of life. Many of us have been blessed with the so call “Star Children” yet we don’t realise that they are true gifts to us and humanity.
In the recent decades, there have been many interests, researches and channelled information on Star Children, from both scientific and spiritual perspectives. The information is fascinating yet some can be misleading.

Previously, I often wondered if these children really exist; and if so they must be so rare and incredible with their psychic abilities!

Until I embark on my spiritual path and after much further research, I realised that Star Children are amongst us. There characteristics and psychic abilities are much subtle thus they are much more common than we realise. Furthermore, I believe that all of us are Star Children in one way or another. To some extent, each of us carry essence of one or all characteristic of the so call “Star Children”. As we reach for the stars, we return ourselves to the stars thus becoming one with the stars. It is about the state of our soul development or level of our consciousness.


Why are they here and how we can help them?

These are common topics covered by many authors/psychics. However the most referenced author is Doreen Virtue. There are many other authors including Edgar Cayce, Lee Carol & Jan Tober, George Kuhlewind, Anni Sennov, Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D, Sonia Choquette, Ph.D, Nikki Pattillo; and P.M.H Atwater.

As we attempt to identify and given names such as “Star Children”, we permit the ego mind to believe that we are special or these children are special thus creating separation between ourselves from others and our children from their friends. There had been much commercialism about Indigo children in the 1990s and it had not been for the highest intent. This article is not for the purpose of ego identification; it is the quest to widen our knowledge and seek understanding about the needs of our children and how we can assist them; most importantly how they can assist us in our soul evolution and the ascension of the planet.

There have been many titles given to the new generation of children “Star Children”, “Gifted Children”, “Millennium Children” or “Special Children”. However from the spiritual perspective, they are referred to as “The Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children”. These names are related to the colour in their auras and the energy patterns. They have arrived in the last three decades and are still arriving at our planet Earth. These children’s souls are more at home in the stars thus the term “Star-Children” and most likely they have not incarnated on Earth before. They come at this time with “special mission” to assist Earth and humanity with our transition and rebirth to a higher consciousness. They are here to help us with ascension; an accelerated soul evolution for the earth and its inhabitants at this special time on earth.

The following sections are characteristic of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children, the approximate time-line of their arrival and how we can assist them.


Indigo Children


The main influx was between1970-1990, although many scout Indigos arrived before 1970 and some Indigos are still arriving with characteristic of the Crystal Children; or a cross-over between Indigos and Crystal.

They have indigo auras which are connected with the Third Eye’s frequency; thus these children are very creative and some have heightened psychic abilities of clear seeing (clairvoyance); clearing hearing (clairaudience); clear feeling (clairsentience); clear knowing (claircognizance). These abilities allow them to hear or see spirits/angels; detect dishonesty; or have accurate inner knowing about events, situations or people when they first encounter. They are sensitive and intuitive.

As Indigos’ parents, we need to have an open mind and patience when they tell us about their experiences of other realms and dimensions. We should seek for understanding and explore their gifts instead of scepticism and condemnation. We need to be honest and true to ourselves and our words to maintain mutual integrity and respect.

These children are intelligent, quick learners, technologically orientated and some have amazing memories. They are very academic in situations where they able to stay focused and are content with their environment and the people they are with. Therefore, a healthy and functional relationship with these children would bring out the best in them.
They are direct, determined and confident. Many display warrior temperament yet easily get frustrated with routines, rituals, rules and regulations.

They can be rebellious and non-conformist as they only accept authority with free-will and respect. This is the reason why parents need to have understanding, cooperation, non-controlling attitudes, setting good role models while maintaining clear and healthy boundaries with their Indigo Children.

Some other negative characteristics of Indigos are hyperactive, impatient, in-considerate and disrespectfulness. This relates to their high level of creative energies. It is therefore important to help Indigo children to divert their energies to creative pursuits such as music, creative writing, arts and craft or even sport to keep them in focus.

According to Doreen Virtue, Indigo Children are here to free us from our past limitations. They challenge old beliefs and clear the way for the Crystals and the Rainbow Children to do their parts.

Indigos are natural leaders. It’s common for Indigos to be number 1, 3, 5, 9 or 11 in numerology. They are wise old souls returning to lead us into a new age of cooperation, creativity and functional society where there will be no corruption and deceit.

Crystal Children

The main influx was around the year 2000, although some crystal scouts came much earlier. These are very powerful children. Crystal Children’s main purpose is to take us to the next level in our evolution. They awake our inner power and divinity with their innate love, wisdom, peace and the law of Oneness. They create a safe and a more secured world.

According to Doreen Virtue, Crystal Children have opalescent auras, with beautiful multicolour in pastel hues. They have innate spiritual gifts. Many have telepathic and psychic abilities. They are very intuitive and extremely sensitive to energies and emotions. It is very common for Crystal children to start speaking at later age of 3 or 4 and some with speech difficulties because of their telepathy. For this reason, some have been diagnosed for autism by medical practitioners.

Similar to Indigo, Crystal children are very creative, resourceful. They too have high energies, yet they remain calm and peaceful.

They are likely to have numerology of 7 (spirituality) or other master numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44.
Crystal children are born at a high dimensional consciousness (from the Sixth Dimension). They are happy, calm, peaceful, caring, affectionate, compassion, delightful and forgiving. They are enlightened beings and radiate pure love. They are at peace with themselves, others and the world around them. They live in harmony with all. Because of this “Oneness” and connectedness, Crystal Children also love animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. They love wondering in nature, play with animals and collecting crystals.

Crystal Children’s heart chakra is wide open. They are very sensitive and empathetic. Because of this heightened sensitivity, they constantly need love and protection. In dysfunctional relationships and environments, these children would shut down and often daydream, they withdraw and isolate themselves from the world. In these cases, they survive in silence but carrying much of their pains and others; until they no longer cope and begin to manifest physical or emotional illnesses in themselves. Therefore, understanding your Crystal Children; and providing a nurturing and loving environment for them are utmost important.

Rainbow Children

According to Doreen Virtue, the Rainbow Children have recently arrived in the last five years and are arriving now on our planet. They are “fearless” and “pure givers”. They radiate rainbow energy; a very high vibrational energy of unconditional love.

“They are the embodiment of our divinity and the example of our potential. The Rainbow Children have never lived on this planet before, and they’re going straight to the Crystal Children as their moms and dads. These children are entirely fearless of everybody. They’re little avatars who are all about service. These are children who are only here to give—Rainbow Children are already at their spiritual peak.”

Unlike Indigo Children, most Crystal Children have not been incarnated on earth before; and certainly the Rainbow Children have never lived on earth before. They have evolved from other planets/system where they have resolved all their karma and personal learning lessons. Thus their focus is purely on service and humanity.

Rainbow children are “fearless” and “pure giver” because they are already fully evolved. They have fully merged with their higher self and with the source, “the creator”. Fears and the lower self is no longer part of them. As one evolves and ascends; the essence of “Oneness” and selfless service becomes the only soul mission.

Similar to Crystal Children, Rainbow Children are likely being diagnosed for autism by medical practitioners because they are in their own world. They have difficulties relate to human emotions, especially the negative and dysfunctional ones. Like little Buddha and Jesus, they give and love unconditionally and uncorrupted by negative emotions/judgements.

Rainbow Children have much higher vibration than the Crystal Children due to their spiritual evolution. As sensitive as they might be, they are less vulnerable to energies than the Crystals and the Indigos. However, they are more vulnerable to human’s negativities and destructions such as negative social expectations, medical practices of diagnosis and drug prescriptions, chemicals and violence. These are the experiences that they lack as they have no previous exposure to this earth incarnations. These children need protection and spiritual environment where they can strive and carry out their missions.

To understand Rainbow Children, we must raise our spiritual awareness and see them through Christ’s eyes, only then we can appreciate their presence and their full potentials. They are certainly here to show us that we have the potential to become them, thus become one with the Creator.


Star Children, their relationship with the chakras and soul evolution.

The new waves of children arriving are corresponding to the phases Earth’s and Human’s evolution. As we are ascending from the Third Dimension (Physical) towards the Thirteenth Dimension (Cosmos), the Star Children arrive to take us along the path of ascension.

The first wave, the Indigo Children; they come with Fourth and Fifth Dimensional consciousness. Most human are still at Third and Fourth Dimensional consciousness. Their vibration is corresponding to the Third Eye chakra. This has given them the ability to see with clarity and to bring higher awareness into the earth plane. Their chakras are fine-tuned to the Sacral (combined with Base and Solar Plexus), Heart and Third Eye (combined with Throat and Crown).

The Crystal Children with crystal aura, it is the connection to the Crown Chakra and above. They bring with them pure love and Christ consciousness into the world. They are born at the Sixth/ Seventh Dimension with the potential to become Rainbow Children themselves. Crystal children main chakra is the Heart (all chakras are combined to the Heart).

As for the Rainbow Children who come already enlightened, they are Thirteenth Dimensional beings. In meditation, I see them as rainbow light from the cosmos pouring down through the “Stella Gateway” Chakra into the earth plane.

As the souls evolve, they move from one level of consciousness to the next. Thus there are mixed children who are ascending from one dimension to another. One may call them Indigo/Crystal or Crystal/Rainbow. It is the process of soul evolution.

My Experiences with Star Children

A spiritual friend of mine have  two children, an Indigo/Crystal and a Crystal/Rainbow. They came at different stages of her life and they have helped her to raise her spiritual awareness, that she became awakened and embark on the path of spirituality and of service.

These children have extremely high energy level. They don’t feel cold in winter and slept with no blankets in the middle of freezing cold winter.

The Indigo Child exhibited strong leadership traits, charisma, self confident, intelligent and a wise old soul. He started to walk and talk at very early age; he walked around eight months and spoke around one year of age; much earlier than usual. He used to discuss politics with one of the family’s embassy friends at an age of 5. He isn’t afraid to speak up his mind and would rebel to stand for his beliefs. He just knows peoples personalities and reads them like a book as soon as he meets them. As my friend grew spiritually, this child has grown too and he has shown more of his feminine traits, he has becoming more of a Crystal Child but with the leadership ability intact.

The Crystal Child has always been a blessing. He radiates pure love and peace since his birth. He was born a Vegetarian and rejected any feeding other than plant base. He didn’t speak until almost three years of age. All communication was sign language and lots of smiles. Somehow I understood what he wanted… I read his mind! We just know what each other want without much verbal communication. When I do telepathy exercises with him he gets most of them correct. This child loves crystals. He collected them at an age of 4. He loves animals and nature. Often he plays at the beach hours on ends. He sees spirits and has great knowledge in Greek mythology and Angels. As my friend embarked on my spiritual path and healing; she has helped this child remember his mission. He has blossomed at home and school with self-confidence – academically and socially. He is at One with himself and with the world. He has becoming more like a Rainbow child.

These children have helped my friend grow by triggering and reflecting on to any issues which need to surface for releasing and healing. Other times, through them, my friend is constantly being reminded that we are all Divine… the simple truth which many of us chose to forget.

Another friend of my is blessed with a Rainbow child. While carrying him in her womb, she dreamt of many rainbows and continuously saw rainbows everywhere she went. On a trip playing with the dolphins, she was surrounded by the dolphins and they kept putting their noses at her pregnant belly. At time of birth, she saw rainbows and the picture taken of the child has rainbows across his face. The child was diagnosed with autism and is extremely sensitive.
Other Star Children I have encountered have varied psychic abilities. Not all of them exhibit the so call “psychic gifts”, but most show subtle abilities which they themselves nor their parents are not fully aware. With encouragement, these children can develop or maintain their psychic gifts.

As light-workers, some of us have Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow characteristics in us; a combination of the characteristics or all. The only difference to the Star Children is that we, older generation of light-workers have karmic link and we came with karmic issues to clear and learn. We are here to be of service but with the potential to grow and evolve to become Rainbow people ourselves.


Because of the important mission they have, star children are well protected by spirits and angels. Nevertheless, as parents, we are assigned to be their guardians, guiding spirits in this physical plane. They need our support and love from the very young age; until they are able to embark on; and during their mission.

As the Star Children grow older, especially through puberty, many forget who they are or their mission; and some found themselves lost in the material Third Dimension. Some of these children are affected by dysfunctional environment which they are exposed to; they become angry, resented, frustrated and even violent and destructive. They turn away from their mission and refuse the helps of spirits and the people around them. It is important that we, as parents, stay focused, be patient and tolerant towards these children with understanding, love and support.

As parents, we too need to evolve along with our children. As we raise our awareness/consciousness and accelerating our spiritual growth; we help our children and humanity to evolve.

We only need to start by taking a step at a time, moving from third dimension and ascend to higher dimensions of consciousness; to follow the steps of the Indigo, Crystal and the Rainbow children who are now leading us. By raising our awareness (being conscious with our thoughts, feelings, emotions; claiming our personal power and align with the highest ordeals); and lead others by setting example we fulfil the indigo essence in us. By opening our heart to unconditional love and “Oneness” (starting with unconditionally loving ourselves then with others and the All-That-Is); we activate the Crystal essence which is all ready in each and every one of us. Once we reach this inner and outer state of peace and oneness we shine like a rainbow after the rain or the toughest storm. We will transmute anything within and around us; we help ourselves, others and the world to ascend.

Like the Star Children, we all come from the stars but we have chosen the earth school to evolve. We are all given the opportunity to become rainbow people and return to the stars. The all possess the qualities of the Star Children within us, they are innate within each and every one. All we have to do is to access our inner love and wisdom; the memories of our psychic and healing abilities and our divinity.


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Angel Friends
Children Book by Jessica Dao

Author Notes 2020

Since this article was published, there has been a drastic change in energetically around the globe. Many key members of the spiritual community have removed themselves from doing spiritual work. The New Age community has been falling apart. Doreen Virtue withdrew all her work and removed all the materials regarding Star Children off her website. She apologized for misleading the public of her teaching on Angels and Mediumship..

Personally, I understand what Doreen Virtue has been through and her actions. I so too believe that the Dark forces have infiltrated, manipulated had deceived the New-Age and all aspect of our spirituality including Religions and spiritual establishments around the World. Humanity has long been deceived by the same forces in all aspect of our lives. These Dark forces often disguise themselves as Angels and Light Beings and inflict destruction and chaos to humanity by corrupting our psyche. But it doesn't mean that the Angels don't exist, and certainly those deceiving entities had given Angels bad reputations. Once we deny Angels and Light Beings, we deny the Divine Light, we lose Hope and Faith and will become vulnerable to the Dark forces, because it is what they want humanity to become.

We are all children of the Stars. We come to this planet Earth to experience the physical reality so that we can learn and grow spiritually. The spiritual evolution is our soul purpose. Denying this, we deny the existence of our soul and its eternal nature.

The current 2020 world event is a calling for humanity to spiritually awaken and to raise our consciousness, to open our Heart to Unconditional Love, shining our Divine essence to the World, and to combat Darkness. Humanity needs all of us to stand up and fight for our Freedom and Love. Our Children need us more than ever! Their future and the future of our World depends on us!

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