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InnerSelf magazine 2012

Edited 2020

The Venus transit of June 2004 and 2012 both ushered with Divine Feminine Energies – The Goddess Energies – to our planet and has brought forth spiritual evolution and transformation.

All goddesses are representative of the universal Cosmic energy, a symbol of the divine part within each of us which is innate and total perfection!

Throughout the centuries, every culture worshiped a Goddess in some form, especially the ancient cultures. Isis, Nuit, Artemis, Aphrodite, Venus, Athena, Quan Yin, Kali, Lakshmi, Shakti, Devi; and Gaia are amongst the many Goddesses. They are forces of Mother Nature, the moon, the earth and the stars. Some are positive and others are negative aspect of the same Feminine energy.  

Archeological finds have suggested that the earliest known shamans were female working with the Goddess energies. Indeed, many powerful healers of ancient Egypt were Priests or Priestesses of Isis and Sekhmet. Isis is a more nurturing female energy and Sekhmet is of fiery and destructive energy, the dark aspect of the same energy.

In the last millennium, many modern male-dominant cultures have taken over the worship of the Goddess and replaced it with male God figures. The “witch hunt” of the Middle Ages and the treatment “women as second-class citizens” throughout many cultures were attempts to suppress the power of the Goddess; resulting in the current masculine dominated influence on the physical world in many societies..

The 2012 energy shift is a return of the Divine Feminine Energy, the Goddess, to the physical world bringing balance and harmony to individuals and the collective consciousness. Drunvalo Melchizedek and many lightworkers around the globe have prepared the ground work for the return of this Divine Feminine Energy since 1990s. Elisabeth Jensen’s article “Awakening to The Divine Feminine” written for Sphere Magazine June 2004 gave much insight to the return of Isis energy and her healing power, assisting humanity in the transition into the Golden Age.

There exists many misconceptions and resentment about the “Return of the Feminine Energy”. Many fear that this return will create an up rise where females are taking over the world, overrunning and controlling the male population!
As the physical world has been out of balance, for at least the last millennium, the return of the Divine Feminine Energy is much needed! We are all interconnected, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions; and thus the manifestation of the physical world! The quest for harmony with Mother Nature and the cosmos starts with each and everyone.

Understanding the bi-polar nature of the energies and being conscious of these extremes is important! By embracing all aspects of the bi-polar we learn to truly accept who we are thus make way for personal growth and transformation. Certainly it is a challenging task for societies with fixed gender expectations!

The Kabbalah’s tree of life, the heart of Jewish mysticism contains the principles of polarity, the divine masculine Chokmah (wisdom and intuitive), opposite yet co-independent on the divine feminine energy Binah (understanding and perception). Similarly, the Taoism’s Yin and Yang acknowledged the eternal coexistence of these bi-polar energies.
Masculinity, the Divine God self, gives us the strength, power, stability, growth, evolution, wisdom, dynamism, activeness, initiative, and courage. Too little we could become weak, passive, no progress in life and on the other hand, too much can result in aggressiveness and ruthlessness.
Femininity, the Inner Goddess, brings compassion, flexibility, communication, understanding, loving and kindness, Gentleness, empathy, sensitivity, caring, sweetness, tolerance, nurturance, deference, fertility, perception, passiveness. The many qualities if lacking can create chaos, aggression and heartlessness.

Like angels we are all androgynous in nature, our innate Divine self. We contain both Feminine and Masculine energies, intertwining deep within our soul and our being. It’s the Yin and Yang, the dance and coexistence of creation.

With this awareness we strive to embrace and maintain a balance within ourselves. Our inner balance and harmony then reflect on to those around us, the situations we are in and the world at large.

Most Goddesses are associated with love, compassion, motherhood, marital devotion, magic, healing, eternal life, strength, courage, endurance. They are the embodiment of a perfect balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine energies.

By simply going within to realise our innate Divine perfection, be a God or Goddess in everyday life, and see the same quality in everyone and every living creation!

Author Notes 2020

Dark forces like the Reptilians and Satanists also worshiping certain female deities, however, they are worshiping the Dark aspect of these deities. This creates much confusion for the spiritual community that all deities are created by the Reptilians and humanity are deceived such that our devotion and energy are used for the dark agenda. Perhaps some of this are true. However, I believe that the ancient ones understood about forces of nature, they are in harmony of these forces and the Feminine energy is just another force of nature that we must embrace. Ancient Deities are just representations of Natural Forces. Reptilian entities may have taken over the image of certain deities for their agenda of mass control. If we are of high vibration, we would connect to the higher aspect of the forces of nature and hence the positive aspects of certain deities.

Since 2012, Dark forces have infiltrated all aspect of our societies. As the energy of the Earth shifted and changed, many people became spiritually awaken, and this is the reason for the Dark force to gather as ways of preventing the mass to spiritually awaken. Be discern when working with certain deities for this reason. Work with the universal energies, set healthy and strong boundary with Dark forces, but respect the deities that has been embedded in many cultures across the Globe.

The most important thing is that we must embrace the Feminine aspect of ourselves and keep it in balance with our Masculine aspect. This is how we can achieve harmony with ourselves, those around us and the Comos as a whole.

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