Staying Spiritually Awakened…


Staying Spiritually Awaken


Unconditional Love

InnerSelf magazine 2014

The year 2012 marked the new beginning of spiritual enlightenment for humanity. The energy pendulum, swinging between Dark and Light, striking towards equilibrium… incubating the emergence of the New Beginning… Continue reading

Awaken the Inner Goddess and Living in Harmony with “All That Is”


Awaken The Inner Goddess
Living in Harmony with

All That Is

InnerSelf magazine 2012

Edited 2020

The Venus transit of June 2004 and 2012 both ushered with Divine Feminine Energies – The Goddess Energies – to our planet and… Continue reading

Understanding and Clearing Difficult Negative Energies and Entities – Reptilian


Understanding and Clearing
Difficult Negative Energies and Entities


Raise your awareness
stay free from Dark Influences

Originally Posted early 2013
Edited 2017, 2020

In this article I hope to share valuable information about clearing Reptilian energy and entities… Continue reading

Children of the Stars – Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children


Children of The Stars

Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow

published 2011

Spiritually Gifted Children

We often get caught up in the fast moving lifestyle of our high-tech and materialistic society and wonder where the time has gone! Our children grow… Continue reading