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Understanding and Clearing Difficult Negative Energies – Reptilian

By Jessica Dao
Updated July 2015

Understanding an clearing difficult negative energies

In this article I hope to share valuable information about clearing Reptilian energy/entities which I have gathered in the recent months through my healing and teaching experience, and with input from other spiritual healers.

Please note that this article is based on my experiences and those of my clients/students. My intention is certainly not bringing fear but to bring AWARENESS to general public and assisting healers with the understanding and tools for clearing Reptilian energy/entities.


Many authors and light-workers speak about Reptilians as people (in physical form. eg. The work of David Icke) or shaft-shifters or physical ET; through my work I have gained the awareness of Reptilian energy similar to a virus that affects people in a negative way and Reptilian entities as invisible beings (similar to disembodied spirits) who has the ability to possess human and control the host’s physical body, emotions, mind and spirit. These are invisible forces that affect people. Through understanding and awareness, we can prevent, clear and protect ourselves from the effect of these energy/entities.

I have come across many Reptilians or people who have been possessed by Reptilian entities. Some are non-hostile thus they just go about their own life, however, their energy affect others whom they come into contact with, or simply being in the same room.

Others, the hostile ones, disguise themselves as healers, psychic and spiritual teachers with the intention to infect others and even bringing in Reptilian entities into their family/friends/clients/students. They appear as spiritually evolved with advanced spiritual gifts which could heal people in an instant. Some with the ability to speak “light language” bringing encodement which they claim could “re-program” the human DNA and fix health problems or allow human to ascend instantly! They disguise themselves as love and light with high vibration. It’s a way for them to draw energies from people whom they come into contact with and infect others with Reptilian energies/entities.

The so called “light language encodement” is a reptilian download which collapses our aura thus lower our defense and making way for the reptilian entity to enter the physical body.

Some possessed people are being converted overnight and began to speak the same “light language” to the one who brought in the entity to them or to other Reptilians.

This language sounds very rough, broken and high pitch; unlike the true light language which some advanced spiritual mediums/healers bring through by channeling the high vibrational light beings.

Most people when being possessed, they don’t have awareness of being possessed. The people around them just notice that they have changed in many ways. For example, they may become very psychic over-night; their physical limitations/illnesses/injuries disappeared instantly; notable change in personality; dramatic and unstable mood swings; high in energy, forgetfulness, cold/robotic in nature, their behaviours show no signs of conscience …etc

The process of possession starts with negative emotional outburst with physical symptoms like feeling nauseous, headache and pain in the chest. Some feel cold and experiencing nightmares, inter-galactic dreams or dreams involving reptiles like snakes, crocodile and lizards. Others feel physical exhaustion, drowsiness and they sleep for days on end until they wake up feeling very different and the need to go and be with others so that they begin feeding on other’s energy.

Many are now infiltrating spiritual workshops, healing/yoga centers and they target the light-workers, spiritual teachers and the guardians of the New Children, the crystal or rainbow children. It is an organized effort from a dimension/level which a normal human is not capable of perceiving. Recently (post December 2012) there is an increasing number of people being affected by Reptilian energy/entities. I have encountered more each day in the everyday life, on the street, school, medical clinic, and at busy public places like markets and shopping centers.



Reptilian energy is very common. Most of us have picked up this energy at least one or even daily but without awareness. This is like a form of virus which spread from one to another when coming to contact with the person who has been infected. The energy makes people irritated, aggressive, negative, and it usually triggers negative moods/emotions/patterns which have been suppressed by the person. Once infected, you might feel a headache, chest discomfort, anxious.

With Reptilian entities, when they (invisible) are around you or inside you, you might feel the same symptoms as being infected by their energy but the effect is tenfold.
For a normal person with no awareness, when coming to contact with Reptilian in disguise, it is almost impossible to identify. Fortunately, our spirit guides do warm us in these circumstances so if we follow our intuition and act upon it then all will be unfold. Most important thing is to use our physical and psychic senses to verify. Look beyond the illusion and ignore our logical mind in these cases as it only reinforces doubt in our heart! Things just don’t make sense so we just have to TRUST!

Reptilian entities are very clever in hiding and in disguise but we can detect their energy signature by sensing and awareness. They have a specific signature in their energy field which gives a non infected person a headache, neck pain or chopping sensation (the back of the neck), anxiety, nauseous and strong heart burn. A sensitive person can sense tight, heavy, burning sensation in the heart chakra with a high vibrating ripping effect while tummy may feel like rumpling earthquake and heat spreading out from heart chakra throughout the body. If you are not sensitive to feeling then pay attention to people whom you feel exhausted/drained each time you come contact with. Psychics often see reptile/crocodile/snake face on a person but many cases they are concealing themselves even from psychic vision.

I have also personally witnessed others being possessed after having a healing with healers who were already being converted. These healers claim that they are skilled at spirit removal thus helping their client removing alien or demonic entities during a healing session but in fact they are bringing in entity into their client while the client is open and vulnerable. The victim generally would feel immense pain at the back of the neck where the entity attempt to enter into the human reptilian brain which then drives the possessed person. The pain described as if the head has been chopped off and body feels numb. The victim also feels headache, nauseous, confused and angry.

The process can be reverted easily with spirit removal process and karmic release except in the case of freewill.



I have been working with rainbow light and found that it is extremely effective in clearing the Reptilian energies, with the help of the Arcturians (see

Rainbow energy brings peace, tranquility and enlightenment thus transmutes negativity, sorrow and bringing order into chaos. These are the roles of the rainbow children at this time on earth.

IF you are being affected by Reptilian energy, simply sit quietly in meditation and call in the rainbow light from the Central Sun, see the angels are with you, ask the Arcturians to be with you then see the rainbow light washing over you and into the earth.

You might like to ask for karmic release from the person/situation throughout all lives, layers and dimension. Ask for it to be made effective now and to all eternity.

Take a walk in nature and swim in natural waterways (the sea is ideal) would also help clearing the energy. Very cold water such as shower is also effective.


REMOVING REPTILIAN ENTITIES (by experienced healers)

Removing an entity is more complex and it is recommended that you seek an experienced healer (whom you can trust) to assist you.

When consulting a healer, you should meditate and asked for guidance to check if the healer is of the light. During healing (or attending spiritual workshop) we are open to receiving energy thus are very vulnerable and therefore open for entities to enter.

As the Reptilians are constantly converting healers/spiritual teachers so that they can spread their domain, some healers/spiritual teachers are not who they once were; therefore it is wise to connect in and check each time you visit a healer or attend spiritual workshops. This is not a paranoid behavior but taking precaution and setting healthy energetic boundary.

When attempting to release a Reptilian entity, it is important to understand what you are dealing with. Is the person a Reptilian walk-in? Is the person being possessed by a Reptilian entity or earthbound soul with reptilian energy?

Knowing what you are dealing with then you can be more equipped during the healing.

You might ask for assistance by bringing additional healers to hold energy during a removal of a Reptilian entity (similar to demonic removal) whereas with Reptilian energy alone you may only need to ask for assistance of the angels, Ascended Masters, Divinities and the intergalactic beings from the light such as the Arcturians.

For a possession case, it’s the norm that Reptilian entities work in three. Thus when you are removing an entity, make sure that you have got competent assistance from experienced healer (either being with you in person or in spirit) while you are attempting to remove the entities. Be persistent and make sure all entities have been completed removed and being sent off with the Arcturians.

For walk-in and in cases of freewill, the removal is non effective. All you can do is sending unconditional love!

If you are clairsentient (clear feeling) then you can be aware of their energy signatures which I mentioned earlier so that you can detect them. During spirit removal or energy clearing, feel the reptilian signature and make sure that reptilian energy is completely cleared. When your client and you feel blissful and peaceful then the process is complete. Otherwise you must keep going in case the energy is feeding back through cords which connect the clients to the people who infected them at the first place; or in the case of karmic/past life contract between the clients and the Reptilians then karmic release is necessary.

As clairvoyance you may see and pull out Reptilian entities and associated residues/implants but be aware that the Reptilians are skillful at deceit, they might show you what you want to see and thus the clearing may not be completed.

In cases where the energy/entities keep coming back, it might be relating to karmic link or direct cord connection to a loved one who has Reptilian energy/entity. With cord connection, clearing the loved one is necessary in order to clear your client if cord between them can’t be permanently salvaged.

For karmic link, the person might have contracts with the Reptilians or in past lives they were affected or working with this energy. Karmic Release is necessary in order to achieve effective healing.

Karmic Release is a simple process. Doreen Virtue’s Karmic Release CD presents a clear background and a simple process working with the angels.

For cord clearing and understanding the process, Doreen Virtue’s working with Archangel Michael and Raphael is very useful. Barbara Brennan’s “Hands of Light” is also useful for understanding energy field, aura, spiritual healing.

“Remarkable Healings” by Shakuntala Modi M.D, “Unquiet Death” by psychologist Dr. Edith Fiore, ” Spirit Release: A Practical Handbook ” by Sue Allen are amongst many great books for understanding the entity attachment/possession and the spirit releasing process.

There are cases where the possessing entity is an earth bound/ lost and confused soul who was infected during their life time on earth. We can assist them by sending them to the light with the angels but set the intention that they will receive help from the spirit world when they are in the light thus clearing any Reptilian energy before their next incarnation.

If you are dealing more and more with clients who have Reptilian energy then you have contracted to do this service work in this incarnation. Thus it is beneficial to ask for an Arcturian guide to work with you. This being will guide you case by case and how to deal with the situation. All you have to do is ask and set the intention. The rests will come to you as intuition and inner guidance if you are not a clairvoyance or clairaudience.

During spirit removal process, I channel rainbow light, seeing it coming from the Central Sun through me and into my client heart chakra (touching both back and front) and keep flowing in the rainbow light pushing out the energy to the crown while trusting that Archangel Michael and the Arcturians are helping to clear the entity/energy. Once you feel the Reptilian energy has been cleared then put more rainbow lights into the back of the client’s neck and crown to clear any residues. It is a good practice to seal the client with more Rainbow light through the crown chakra and ask for daily protection from the angels and the Arcturians. The process takes approximately 10-20 minutes and I have found it extremely effective except in cases where the clients are being infected by their loved ones, the clearing has to be done at source otherwise they will keep coming back with Reptilian energy.

For karmic cases, repeat the clearing process after the karmic release. If this is not effective, hypnotherapy is recommended to resolve complex karmic cases.

Similarly, for Reptilian bloodline cases, several healing and karmic clearing will be required. A complex investigation through hypnotherapy may be required in order to fully clear and heal the clients.

While doing the clearing, it is also a good practice to surround the healing room with a vortex of rainbow light as protection.

I was shown a light mesh which looks like optic wire with nodes like computer chip. This mesh is a protection barrier and you may put it on while you do a clearing. You can expand it and have it on the outer layer of your aura to protect your energy field. One of Isis practitioner was also shown this mesh as netting to scoop away eggs and debris after clearing Reptilian entities. Similarly effective if you set the intention that the Arcturians are clearing away all residues and seal with rainbow light then trust it is done.

You may ask for a download from the Arcturians to clear Reptilian energies or as a protection against Reptilian energies. Bear in mind that it’s not a simple process because we need to understand what exactly we are dealing with and there are complications such as free-will, karma, walk-in and connecting cords …etc

I have also experienced that Arcturian Download is only effective if the person already has high vibration, has transcended their ego and negativities; otherwise the process is reversible.

It is also beneficial to inform your clients about the Arcturian download so that they can do it for their loved ones. However, we must do so in a very positive and loving manner. I have included at the end if the article a simple download process. Follow your inner guidance to come up with whatever resonates with you and your clients.

Also share with your clients/healer friends the clearing and protection techniques so that they can help themselves and others. Guide them how to work with angels/divinities/crystals/ rainbow light and raise vibration and build a strong aura for a better defense.

As lightworkers, we all should work together and share these information to others as much as we can with the highest and purest intention. Bear in mind that like any anti-virus, it needs to be updated. The above information is given to us at this point in time as tools for awareness, detecting and combating Reptilian energies. In time, as we are more ready, more information will be given to suite our circumstances.



The most effective protection is “staying positive, happy and joyful” and with purity of thoughts/emotions/intentions and actions! By practicing this we are one of light, of pure creation, and of the rainbow vibration.

As we aim at raising our vibration and work with rainbow energy daily then we will become rainbow people/lightworker and nothing can affect us! We can feel blissful and being centered even amongst chaos and difficult energies.

Invoke the beings of lights to be with you and your family daily for protection and guidance, be it Buddha, Quan Yin, Jesus, Mother Mary, Angels, Mohamed, Indian/Egyptian/Greek/Chinese divinities…etc

Create a vortex of rainbow light in your home/workplace by visualization and TRUST that your environment is safe and protected.

Meditate by visualizing rainbow light coming through you and anchored into the earth. Doing this daily helps raise your vibration as well as for clearing and protection.

See our Utube as example of Rainbow light mediation. This video clip was created to assist in bringing the Rainbow energy into the earth and help humanity counteracting with Reptilian energy.


This is a simple Arcturian download process which I gently share with my students and clients:

Sit quietly in meditation (or  put your hand over other’s crown)

Call for Archangel Michael and the warriors of light to be with you and for protection.

Invoke the Arcturians to give you a download. (Either say in your mind or out loud)

“I am willing to receive the download of energy and encodement that are for my divine highest good, are pure and unaltered from the Source of Creation; for protection against Reptilians’ infringement upon my body and soul; and for spiritual growth …  thank you and Amen”

Then see Jesus/ Isis/ Buddha/ Quan Yin (or the divinity you are working with) resides within your body and fill the space with bright white light; and the rainbow light from the central sun.

If you wish to do this download for people around you then ask for their permission (or the permission from their higher-self if you are an experienced healer).

And remember, the most important thing is to not going to FEAR when dealing/associating with Reptilian or other difficult energies. Fear knocks us out of balance and like attracts like FEAR attracts low energies/entities into our physical body/aura.

Each day, practice focusing on eliminating negative thought/emotional patterns by being mindfulness! When we eliminate these negative patterns, we no longer draw negative energies/entities into our lives thus raising our vibration and becoming a beacon of light for others. We also help raising the collective consciousness and making this world a better place.


By Jessica Dao

Spiritual healer/ workshop facilitator specializing in advanced spirit release, emotional release, Egyptian alchemical soul healing, childhood & past-life hypnotherapy, crystal healing, angel reading/therapy, and effectively healing the physical injuries by clearing the blockages in the meridians. Jessica is also an Architect/ Project Manager/ Spiritual Artist and Writer.