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Uluru 2012 – The New Dawn

Written for Inner-Self National Magazine – April 2012 Edition

Uluru painting by Jessica Dao

Painting by Jessica Dao “Tjukurpa – Beyond the rainbow”

Watching the sunrise at Uluru on the New Year of 2012 was an experience of a lifetime. As the sun rose, revealing a glowing golden orange and purple landmark, a gem sitting graciously on the silent desert where time and space stand still.

What is this landmark? Why had many crossed the vast land and oceans to arrive here?

To some, it is an incredible huge rock; one of the oldest “monolithic” natural structures on earth. It reflects the shifting sunlight thus changes colour from dawn to dust. It is a magnificent landmark which stimulates our imagination and our appreciation for Mother Nature. Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Uluru is the most recognized Australian landmark and the Heart of Australia.

To the indigenous Australians, Uluru is a gateway to the dream world, a place where ancestral spirits dwell…

For many spiritual seekers, Uluru is a sacred site. It is a “Stellar Gateway” connecting the earth to the cosmos. The cosmos energy is channelled to the entire earth through this portal then through a network of energy grids and portals including the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge, Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu.

The year 2012 is the time of the great shift when an abundance of cosmos energy is being channelled into the earth. The White Cosmos Light contains all colour spectrums, that of the rainbow.

Many authors describe the new children as Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children. The newest, the Rainbow Children, are born with the highest level of spiritual development. They are at the cosmos consciousness hence the relationship to the Rainbow energy.

As a Stellar Gateway, Uluru channels the rainbow light to the planet thus preparing humanity for the great shift in consciousness, soul evolution and spiritual enlightenment. It is indeed a sacred site which has been guarded for eons by the spirits of Aboriginal custodian of the land.

On the New Dawn of 2012, the energy at Uluru was blissful; a sense of immense peace, serenity and tranquillity.

When visiting Uluru, you might see “just a huge bare rock”, a lion resting, a light portal or the rainbow light. Why not take a moment to sit in silence? Feel the energy and the texture of the air. Listen to the birds, the sound of running water at the sacred waterhole and the whispering winds. Bathe in the timelessness!

You might feel or see the spirits of the land. The angels might gather and take you to other sacred sites or being transported to other dimensions. You might be drifting in space where time is frozen. Just simply enjoy the moment and the experience of a lifetime!

Please respect the site and the Aboriginal peoples culture by asking the custodian spirits of the land for the permission of your visit. To do this, find a quiet place where you can still your mind and simple ask! While you are at the site, please refrain from climbing the sacred monument.

You might wish to assist spiritually in healing the land and raise our consciousness by setting the intention to receive and anchor the Rainbow Light into Mother Earth and channelling it to her inhabitants.

Most importantly, “leave only the footprint and take only the memories”. The site is protected by the spirits of Aboriginal custodian thus “no rock or pebble is to be removed from the site”. For more information see searches “The curse of Ayres Rock” online.

By Jessica Dao

Spiritual healer/ workshop facilitator specializing in advanced spirit release, emotional release, Egyptian alchemical soul healing, childhood & past-life hypnotherapy, crystal healing, angel reading/therapy, and effectively healing the physical injuries by clearing the blockages in the meridians. Jessica is also an Architect/ Project Manager/ Spiritual Artist and Writer.