Crystal Healing and Enlightenment

Crystal Healing and Enlightenment

This powerful and motivating workshop will assist you on your path of self-realization and as empowered Light-workers. It is ideal for Energy/Spiritual Healers who wish to work closely with crystals, utilize their healing energies, their energy amplification property; as light-surgical tools, essence and much more!

For other Light-workers, this workshop will at least give you the knowledge of working with crystals for self-healing, healing Mother Earth and for enlightenment.

Bring your collection of crystals, big and small! We will share and experience amazing crystals in the workshop in the company of many Crystal Lovers and Light-workers.

What you will share and experience...

General knowledge of crystals and experience their energy

Master Crystals and their application in healing and ascension

Crystal Grids and their application in healing practices and for personal use

Basic Chakra Balancing/Attunement with crystals

Initiation and Activation of higher Chakras

Emotional and Inner Child Healing techniques for professional healing practice

Work with the specialised Healing Crystals and Grid Layouts

Receive and Facilitate Crystal Healings

Two full day workshop
Course Fee $350 - Deposit $100

Please note this workshop is not part of The Academy of Crystal Awakening.

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