I was guided to meet with Jessica for a healing, soul journey and past life regressions.

Jessica’s patience, humility and generosity of spirit were an integral part of my experience. Jessica guided me to receive answers to questions that were troubling me for many years and to heal trauma that had ravished parts of my soul, preventing me from moving forward in my life.

Jessica is more than just a “teacher” or a “healer”. My experience with her has been more than a transactional exchange of money for dollar value. Rather, she has been a mentor and a sound support whom I have been able to call upon in times of need, where he has made herself immediately accessible. Unlike other “spiritual teachers” whom I have to leave a message for, book in a time, make an appointment to see for emergency healing, Jessica has made herself available.

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” I am blessed to be supported on my spiritual journey by Jessica, and grateful that she appeared in my life when she did.

Ellen, Sydney NSW


Thank you so much Jessica for introducing the Goddess Isis and Crystal energies into my life. Your weekend workshop drew tears and much soul searching, but I emerged joyous and reborn. For that, I will always be eternally grateful to you – as I now have a rejuvenated sense of the potential difference my life can make in this World.

I thoroughly recommend Jessica’s workshops – taking me from “zero” to “Practitioner” in one glorious weekend!! Your gentle and fluid teaching style easily communicated powerful insights and practical wisdom for today’s world.

Thank you Jessica for giving me the courage to shine and be who I truly am!!

May your light always shine brightly Jessica.

Helena, Melbourne VIC


I have had healing sessions and attended a number of workshops with Jessica Dao and have found her to be an amazing healer and teacher. She has a wealth of knowledge and in-depth understanding of a wide range of subjects in the areas of healing and spirituality. I especially enjoyed the beautiful high frequency energy in her classes. Jessica creates a wonderful energetic space and provides powerful intuitive guidance for all participants. The healing sessions were able to clear major blocks and restore energy flow, resulting in significant improvements in my quality of life

Celia, Melbourne VIC


In March 2013 I attended Angel Miracles Level 1 & 2 taught by Jessica Dao. Jessica taught at a pace that suited all the students of the small group and gave time for revision and questions before moving on to the next session. I found Jessica's energy attunements very powerful and pleasant. Jessica has a light that shines from within. She is a gifted psychic, medium and healer. I would highly recommend attending her classes and I have already booked further courses with Jessica later this year.

Patricia, Sydney NSW


Jessica is a talented spiritual teacher and healer who I feel blessed to have in my life.

I have learnt so much from her through courses on Crystal Healing, Angel Miracles and Isis Lotus Healing and also through personal healings and support. She is an outstanding mentor to me and has played such an integral role in my spiritual journey so far with her passionate, informative, practical, supportive teaching manner which is backed up with so much personal experience and knowledge and further strengthened by her generous, caring nature and strong desire to create awareness on spiritual issues.

I would highly recommend her as a teacher for anyone wishing to deepen their spiritual understanding.

Mayala, Sydney NSW


Dear Jessica, You have been so good to me and my family. Thanking you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done. I am so grateful to you for opening my world up to the magic of crystals, angels and healing! It has changed my life and those around me! Thank you Jessica, thank you

Tony, Adelaide SA


Thank you so much Jessica for having me at your courses. It was a wonderful few days with the angels. You are a beautiful teacher. I learnt so much from the last few days and have much more confidence now to do readings and healing for my clients. Your energy was very uplifting and empowering! The courses were very relaxing and like a retreat for me. I feel amazing after the courses! I usually run a lot of workshops at my healing centre and it was lovely to be a participant for a change. You gave so much of your energy and love to us at the courses!

With love and gratitude.

Vicki, Queensland


Thank You Jessica for bringing the angel, crystal and Isis workshops to Melbourne. I have done a lot of healing courses over the years but I didn’t have the confidence in applying them. Your patience, love and encouragement during the workshops helped me to overcome my own fears! I enjoyed being at your workshops and am looking forward to applying my learning.

Kate, Melbourne VIC


I thoroughly loved the workshop. Thank you for bringing it to Perth and offering the priceless knowledge and wisdom to us. I love your down-to-earth and practical teaching style. It made us feel very relaxed and comfortable at your workshop. The healing received at the workshop was powerful. I saw blue Isis light and Sekhmet face during the meditations! The workshop is a real deal and I will definitely sign up for your future workshops in Perth! Thanks Jessica.

Caroline, Perth WA


Dear Jessica, words cannot adequately express my deep gratitude for providing me the opportunity to assist you in your workshops in Australia. Your grace, creativity and healing techniques have greatly enhanced my skill as a Reiki and Crystal (Healing) Practitioner – and now also possess much greater awareness of the destructive nature of Reptilian energies when working with clients.

Josephine, Adelaide SA


From a young age I have had troubles with what I now know as negative Reptillian energies. When I heard of the scientific term “sleep paralysis” I knew what I was going through on a regular basis was more than that.

As an anxious person it was not helping my situation as Jessica informed me that they feed off fear. I have since done a couple of courses with Jessica and my life has changed. Jessica has taught me how to let go of fear and protect myself against these negative energies. After doing these courses I have learned how to recognise/sense these energies and act accordingly without fear.

Jessica has also taught me how to sense and clear lost souls and demonic energies. A close family member was affected by a demonic entity, Upon releasing this person changed back to their old self.

I would recommend doing Jessica’s courses and consultation to anyone as there are so many people that are affected by these energies and are unaware.

Jonathan, Melbourn VIC


The sudden appearance of Reptilians during my overseas trip and your fast response to my request to remove them was greatly appreciated. The severe pain in my head and stomach was almost unbearable. I knew what they were immediately and when they returned 2nd time, I knew that I needed help. I just did not have the tools to remove them myself. It was not about fear but it was about insufficient knowledge to deal with them. Thanks Jessica for helping me removing them.

Furthermore, I am grateful for the extensive past life clearing you did for me. It was very, very old stuff. Other people seem to cry for a day afterwards but I have not laughed so much for a very long time! The release and understanding that followed was so great. As a result of the clearing many other issues started to fall in a place. It was like a door that had been shut for a very long time suddenly opens.

My deepest thanks to you my dear Jessica. It is your light that saved me!

Angela, Sydney NSW


I met Jessica Dao through my passion for crystals when I attended her Crystal Healing workshop. Since that first 3day workshop I have done a further 3 workshops with her, a Spiritual Healing workshop, 2 Angel workshops and travelled to Egypt on a group spiritual tour with her.

In the past I had been exposed to negative energy and entity removal through a circle I have attended but Egypt was where Jessica clarified and taught us how to use self-protection and techniques for clearing/removing negative energies and entities.

Her teaching ability is exceptional and I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Melisa, Sydney NSW


Since I met Jessica my life has changed dramatically for the better and I will be forever grateful to her for this. Issues which have troubled myself and my family for a long time have been resolved. I now know, thanks to Jessica's vast knowledge and understanding that these issues were due to the influence of Reptilians.

Jessica has taught me valuable protection and clearing techniques to deal with the ongoing presence of Reptilian energies as well as lost souls in my daily life which affect me greatly due to my sensitive disposition. The improvement to my health has been dramatic. Whenever I encounter further difficulties due to reptilian energies Jessica is always there to support me in any way she can and to give me further advice on how to deal with the situation as her research and knowledge in this area is always expanding due to her passion to create awareness about these negative energies which are causing more and more problems in our society now.

Jessica has also performed many remarkable healings for me and family members clearing a variety of issues which were past life, karma, negative entity, reptilian or demon related.

Kiara, Sydney NSW


I truly enjoyed your course on Crystals. Your course was so systematic, step by step with no unnecessary side tracks. I found the practice part rather powerful and I received benefits of your demonstration on me still many days later. Very powerful, it opened pathways in my body gradually days to come. Your extensive knowledge and explanations on idiosyncrasies of various crystals and their correct use to treat clients was greatly appreciated. You taught me in such a precise and organized manner. And you kept it simple and showed how to approach treatments with crystals in a systematic way and also how to organize my crystals. I found this point very important. I loved your clear speech and your style of teaching. Most of all I found your course non stressful and satisfying and would very much like to repeat this course with you in the future.

Lidia, Melbourne VIC


I first had the privilege of meeting Jessica Dao, the founder of The Pyramid of Light, during a Mystery trip in Egypt. My first impression of this gentle lady from Australia did not do justice to her. Dressed in all white, like Bodhisattva/Guanshiyin, I was to discover later she was a formidable spiritual warrior, yet with the most caring and noblest heart I have ever come across in a human being.

The purpose of the trip was to undergo initiations at various ancient Egyptian temples, including inside the Osiris and Isis chambers of Khufu's Great Pyramid. Those who did their homework before making this sacred journey along the Nile by practising meditation conscientiously were supposed to benefit more from the initiation activities. Unfortunately, I tend to prefer a lifestyle of serendipity. So I ended up not doing my homework for the trip.

As a result, I did not develop my level of psychic sensitivity and tended not to be aware of spiritual forces and entities, especially at the beginning of the trip. I suppose what you can't see won't harm you. In any case, any meditation homework I tried to do to prepare for this sacred journey would probably have been in vain. For six months prior to the trip, my ability to meditate had been declining, so much so my psychic energy level was at its lowest level just before the trip started. Even any psychic vampire or reptilian entity wouldn't have bothered to prey on me.

Halfway during our sacred journey, I underwent a healing session with Jessica, who was a spiritual healer. After that, I found I could meditate properly (meaning colors would appear with my eyes closed when I focused with my Third Eye). Miraculously, on the next day when initiation rites were conducted inside the sacred chapel of Goddess Sekhmet in the Temple of Karnak at Luxor, I was able to see a huge vivid patch of aura across one entire side of the face and shoulder of the goddess' statue as I closed my eyes to meditate.

However, the colour of the aura made me feel pretty uncomfortable, as if some impure energy had left its mark on the sacred statue. All I felt I could do with my limited psychic training was to lay my hand upon the breasts to try to impart to it some loving energy.

Upon exiting the building, to my astonishment, Jessica had not entered the temple, but instead had chosen to wait on the grounds outside. She told me she had already had a premonition something wasn't right at the place, confirming my worst fear about my feeling something about the aura on Sekhmet's statue wasn't right.

Later, our trip developed into a nightmarish adventure during the latter part of our journey.

One member was apparently attacked by two Reptilians who had infiltrated into our traveling group. While Jessica, who specializes in dealing with reptilian energy and entities, was curing the victim with Rainbow light, I could see a very huge patch of aura over one entire side of the victim's upper body, including the head, as if someone had given several bodily blows to those areas. Much to my surprise, I discovered this time my psychic power had increased and I was now able to see the aura even with my two physical eyes opened! At the end of treatment, the horrible aura was gone and the victim looked normal once again.

For the rest of the journey, even though she did not owe us any duty to care for us, for the small group of members who chose to trust her, she provided us advice on how to protect ourselves against Reptilian entities and repel Reptilian energy infection. For this I will always feel extremely grateful as I was able to return home to my family safely for their sake, not just mine

Dennis, UK


After a number of unsuccessful attempts, by several people, to remove spiritual attachments that kept re-occurring, I was introduced to Jessica Dao.

Jessica successfully found and removed what turned out to be a family curse/demon that had been with me for some time and was attracting these other spiritual attachments. In 15 minutes Jessica not only removed it, she also gave me advice on how to ensure that it would never happen again! Nobody else knew where to begin!

I highly recommend Jessica she is the only person who managed to help me!”

Susan, Sydney NSW


For 3 years I have been seeing my GP to investigate a sharp pain in my right breast but I was told that scans showed nothing there! When woke up in the morning I always felt the pain and was hard to breathe.

When I came to see Jessica for a healing, without telling her about my symptom, Jessica told me that there was a spirit of a young boy with me and he had been there in my chest for approximately 3 years. He had attached to me during my trip overseas. Then I recalled having a vivid dream during that trip and saw a boy appeared to me. Right after that the pain started.

Jessica helped him to go to the light, she said. After that my chest pain totally disappeared. Now I wake up in the morning, I can breathe normally and with no pain.

I don’t really understand these things but all I know is that whatever she did, my discomforts and worries are now gone and I am grateful for that. I was very worry about having breast cancer but now I can relax!

Hanh, Adelaide SA


I was recommended to Jessica from a friend who claimed that Jessica can talk to spirits, fortune telling and heal people from many different things.

I was a skeptic and was curious so I came to see her for a reading. But really I was hoping to be able to speak to my father who had passed away a few years ago.

Jessica gave me a helpful reading about my family and work. At the end of the reading, she said my dad was with me. She described my father very accurately and gave me messages that only I would know and not anyone else in this world. I had never cried so much as I did in her healing room that day. The long conflict between me and my dad came to an end that day!

She did a healing for me after and didn’t charge me for it. She said I needed the healing. After that, I felt more relaxed and much happier knowing that my dad is still with me.

I have recommended my friends to see Jessica and it is now hard for me to be a skeptic after the experience I had with Jessica.

Vanessa, Adelaide SA


I had migraines for many years and no one could help me, even my own family. My daughter and son in-law are medical doctors and they sent me for many different type of tests and scan but they found nothing. I was given a lot of strong pain-relieving tablets.

I heard voices in my head and people thought I was crazy, including my family!

My friend told me about Jessica and when she came to Sydney, I contacted her. She came to my house and touched me on my head for about half an hour. My migraine melted away and for the first time in years, I could feel no headache. No more voices in my head!

Jessica also told me to pray each day for Buddha and Quan-Yin to be with me. Since then my headache has not come back.

Thao, Melbourne VIC


I came for a healing with Jessica because I had problem with sleeping for many years. Jessica did a clearing for me and then she asked me about my back and low front abdominal pain which I had for years. I had to sleep on my sides and sometimes woke up in the night with a lot of pains! I went to my doctors many times for tests and scans and my doctor told me that he would not do any more tests for me because he couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I didn’t tell Jessica about these symptoms but she just knew about them by touching my shoulder. She then pressed some points along my back and massaged the muscles. It took more than half an hour and it was very painful where she pressed!

My back and abdominal pains completely disappeared although it took a week for pains (the points where Jessica pressed) to disappear. It has been months now and the pains have not come back.

I can sleep much better now. Jessica said she had released a spirit. She also pressed some points on my head (again very painful!).

I am so grateful for Jessica’s help.

Annalisa, Adelaide SA


I am a brickie, I injured my back and knee over and over again with my work! It is a job thing! In 2011, Jessica asked me to lay bricks for one of her job and I turned her down. I couldn’t do it for her, my back played up big time! I was lying in my bed for the whole week and couldn’t move. This happened to me a dozen of times before and I used to just lie in my bed for weeks until I could get up again. She told me she can help me with my back and knee pain and I didn’t believe her. She kept saying that I had nothing to lose so oh well… I tried.

She did some massage, pressed very hard on my back and knee, scraped the muscles with wooden spoon (she said it is her family traditional remedies) and put her hands on my back and knee. It hurt when she did the pressing and scraping and later the dark purple bruises showed up. Well, it took a few days for the dark bruises to go.

I don’t know what she did to me but the terrible pain went right away and a few days later I was back to normal and could go back to work. By then it was too late for her. She had another gang to do for the job but she helped me anyway. A very unusual and gifted lady. Lovely, gentle but tough woman when she steps on site!

Peter, Adelaide SA


One of my ears is totally deaf since I was a young boy. It was an accident and my ear was bleeding. I saw specialists many times but they told me nothing they can do to help, not even operation!

When I saw Jessica for a psychic reading, she asked about my ear. I told her what happened to me then she said she could help me with my deaf ear!

I came for healing with Jessica three times. She did a lot of massaging and pressing on my head, ears, eyes and neck. Everywhere she pressed it was very sore. It got better each time I saw her, and now I could hear almost 50% the normal hearing.

My family and people around me noticed the difference. I don’t ignore them like I used to they said.

It was a surprise for me, a miracle indeed! Thank you Jessica.

Steve, Adelaide SA


I have known Jessica since 2003 through my occupation. She is enthusiastic, reliable, ethical and energetic and very knowledgeable in her chosen fields of both architecture and healing.

About 12 months ago I had a cancer surgery. I have used alternative healing therapies and during this time Jessica has given me several healings including Karmic Release, Soul Retrieval and Soul Healing.

I am now almost fully recovered from the cancer.

I found all of the sessions useful and confidence building, as well as relaxing, peaceful and spiritually uplifting.

Jessica is very confident and enthusiastic about her spiritual healing gift; and I would recommend her to anyone seeking alternative healing therapy

Bryan, SA


I had 2 healings and several Angel Miracle readings with Jessica I have a large cyst on my neck and it affects my swallowing at times. Jessica performed spirit clearing and Egyptian healing for me and I had an amazing experience. I felt the intense energy and vibration during the healing. The cyst reduced in size and I had no problem swallowing a few days after the healing.

The second healing I had with Jessica, she used crystals to balance the chakras and boost my energy. I felt so relaxed and very peaceful after the healings.

Jessica’s readings were very accurate. Many things she said happened and I now consult her regularly to obtain angels’ guidance.

Jessica shows that she really cares and she does her healing with all her heart. I am very fortunate to have had the healings and the readings she has given me.

Ngoc, SA


I have known Jessica for many years through work. Jessica has always been very friendly, caring and attentive. She has assisted me with many emotional issues regarding family and relationship.

I have lost many of my family members and I felt so much grief.

In the last two years, Jessica gave me many healings and psychic readings. She used Crystals, Keiki and Egyptian healings to clear blockages and to balance my energy. She has helped me to relax and finding peace in my life.

Jessica also showed me how to do a clearing of my house and spirit protection. She has been so helpful and I am very grateful.

I have recommended Jessica’s service to many of my friends and I would certainly recommend her for healing, spirit release, psychic reading and counselling work. She is very committed and passionate with helping people in these areas

Lynn, SA


I would like to pass on my experience of a wonderful healing that I received from Jessica.

I was experiencing symptoms of back and neck pain. I am a health conscious person and I tried to make sure that I was eating the right foods and taking natural medicines but this was not enough. I needed help and I held to my belief that my symptoms could be eradicated. I was lucky enough to receive healing from Jessica and had instant faith in her abilities and knowledge.

What better way to "better the lives of others" than to help them feel better by healing their illnesses. And I believe it takes compassion to reach beyond yourself and help others and that is what Jessica does. I can't help but think of the compassion Jessica shows every day for others. This is the basis of miracles and especially the miracles of recovery.

Since receiving treatment I am feeling great. I am able to enjoy my life and not feel constant pain in my hip and back which was keeping me awake at night. Jessica has helped to eliminate my problems with her outstanding ability and total professionalism.

Thank you so much Jessica. These are simple words but they hold my heartfelt and sincere gratitude.

Jasmine, SA