Spiritual Regression - Past Life/Childhood

past life regression 

Spiritual Regression combines traditional hypnotherapy with spirituality. The process recognizes incarnation, karma and that the soul is eternal.   

Many physical symptoms/conditions such as phobia, fear, eating disorder and depression are caused by suppressed negative emotions or memories held in our energy bodies (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual). Past-life and childhood traumas create impacts/scars on the soul. Some of which we manage to process, deal with, heal and learn from the experiences; others we bottled up, deny, or simple bury deep in our sub-conscience, our cellular soul memories.     

Through Spiritual Regressions, suppressed emotions/memories can be released and healed. Phobia, fear, depression, suspicion, negative behavioral patterns/relationship can be dissolved/transformed when the cause is identified, karma released, soul healed and the dysfunctional patterns being made conscious of.

In a Spiritual Regression session, Jessica applies knowledge and experiences of Quantum Healing Hypnotherapy, psychology, mediation, Egyptian Alchemical Soul Healing, spirit releasement therapy, karma, Angels, crystals and Eastern meridian energy system.

As clairvoyance, medium and an empath, Jessica also works with the spirit world during the regression session, bringing through messages from the spirit world, providing a safe environment for deep emotional release, and promoting deep level of soul healing.


Jessica is available for consultation from New Port - South Australia. 

For interstate and overseas, Jessica provides consultation before and after the courses at the venue in your city. 


Please check the Events and Course Dates for details.



General Consultation
Reading and healing/counselling combined
in person AUD $150/90min.

Hypnotherapy Session
Emotional Release/Advanced Spirit Release/Past-life Journey
in person AUD $300/3-4 hours.


All enquires please direct to Jessica Dao

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