Spiritual Healing / Counselling

 spiritual healing

Spiritual healing encompasses all aspects of our being and wellness. Many of our physical conditions (injuries/illnesses/depression/negative behavioral patterns) are caused by blockages in our energy system within the physical body (chakras/meridians), by emotional suppression/reaction/triggers resulting from childhood or past-life traumas, by dysfunctions in our belief system/thought forms, by karmic contracts, or by external influences such as disincarnated spirits or negative energies/entities.

Spiritual healing involves diagnosis and healing the physical condition by working together with the spirit world including bringing through messages, identifying the condition through non-conventional means such as sensing/seeing with the 6th sense, clearing external influences and blockages (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual), clearing karma, channeling the Divine healing energy, retrieving soul fragments and heal the soul at many levels.

By working with the spirit world and with Hope, Trust and Faith, we can heal miraculously beyond our belief and comprehension. 

We are unique souls incarnated on this earth for different reasons/purposes/missions thus each have different soul journey with unique lessons and experiences. As long as we honour our experiences and learn from them, we achieve our soul purpose and growth. Perceiving our life from this spiritual soul growth perspective helps us going through this earth life with ease, inner-peace and non-attachment. The physical conditions we have or experience are simply for our spiritual growth. 

Through private consultation and workshops, Jessica passionately assists her clients/students in realizing that they are Divine souls and in finding their soul journey/purposes; empower them to heal and to overcome limitations; provide tools for them to help themselves and others so that they can create a peaceful, happy and joyous life in this challenging Earth School!  

Jessica combines the knowledge of the following in her spiritual healing/counseling consultations, depending on the needs of the individual client:

  • Reiki
  • Crystals
  • Emotional release
  • Inner-child healing
  • Spirit release (including advanced entities removal - demonic/Reptilian)
  • Angel therapy – manifestation, counseling, creating miracles
  • Regression (hypnotherapy) -  journeys of souls, past-life and childhood trauma 
  • Alchemical Soul Retrieval/ Soul Healing- Egyptian & Shamanism
  • Eastern meridian energy system and remedies – clearing blockages in the
    physical body by unblocking the meridians curing chronic pains,
    headaches, improve hearing, sight and speech.
  • Sacred geometry, numerology, palmistry
  • Psychology, family/relationship counseling/mediation
    (with Post Graduate University training) 
  • Star children
  • Meditation/ Ascension

With her clairvoyance, mediumship, heightened empathic abilities, and constantly striving to maintain being a pure channel of Divine energy, Jessica has helped many to heal, overcome their physical conditions, to live a more peaceful and happier life, to gain higher awareness and to grow spiritually. 


Jessica is available for consultation from New Port - South Australia. 

For interstates and overseas, Jessica provides consultation before and after the courses at the venue in your city. 

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General Consultation
Reading and healing/conselling combined
in person AUD $150/90min.

Hypnotherapy Session
Emotional Release/Advanced Spirit Release/ Past-life Journey
in person AUD $300/(3-4 hours)

Distant Consultation
International consultation requires SKYPE connection
USD $100 (60min)



Initial Distant Reading
Reading with Jessica USD $60/30min
(International reading requires SKYPE connection) 



All enquires please direct to Jessica Dao

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