Clearing Energy Blockages

clearing energy blockages

The physical universe is made of energy and so is our physical body. We exist within the universe of energy and we are all interconnected! Like the trees which are fed by sunlight and the nurturing earth, our body is nurtured by the flow of universal energy which is invisible to most of us! Within us, there exists the energy systems of chakras (energy centres-Hindu Metaphysical) and meridians (energy conduits -Traditional Chinese Medicine). Once these energy systems are open, balance and flowing, we maintain health and universal abundance.

Energy blockages in the physical body exist either in the chakras or within the meridians. 

Chakras are energy centres, the interface of our physical body and the universal energy. 

Causes of chakra blockages may be a recent trauma, dysfunctional thought/beliefs, external influences (spirits/entities), drugs/chemical etc ; or it could be traced back to a past life through Regression.

 Meridians are energy conduits which distribute energy through out our body. Blockages in the meridians may be a result of physical strains, accidents, injuries or illnesses. 

When these blockages exist, the universal flow of energy is being interfered thus the body manifests physical limitations and illnesses. For example, emotional trauma (either past-life or childhood) may result in suppressed emotions thus blocking the heart chakra. This restricts the universal flow of energy into the body and the person may overtime developing cancer in the organs around the heart chakra such as breasts and lungs. 


Spiritual healing is an alternative, natural and holistic therapy where physical symptoms/conditions are healed by clearing energy blockages in the energy bodies (physical/emotional/mental/spiritual). 

Blockages in emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are cleared through energy healing, emotional releasing, spirit releasing, karmic releasing, and soul healing. 

For the physical body, by working with crystals to balance chakras and by relieving pressures (unblocking) in accupuncture points in the meridians, we can assist the flow and distribution of energy. 

By clearing energy blockages and working with the universal energy (spirit world), we can overcome and heal many limitations and illnesses.

Physical limitations/conditions such as chronic pains, deafness, blindness and speech limitation can be relieved and improved by clearing the blockages in the meridians. 

With the emphatic ability, Jessica can successfully locate the blockages in the meridians and has helped her clients to improve/eliminate their physical conditions. 


Jessica is available for consultation from New Port - South Australia. 

For interstate and overseas, Jessica provides consultation before and after the courses at the venue in your city. 


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