Angel Reading & Mediumship

The Angels remind us that the universal law of free will, cause and effect means we are all responsible for our future. Not only this future will affect us but the others and the whole cosmos because we are all interconnected. Therefore, the future is not a fixed reality. Seeing into the future is having a vision of a reality which would manifest if there is no action taken to alter it... [read more]

Spiritual Regression - Past Life / Childhood

Spiritual Regression combines traditional hypnotherapy with spirituality. The process recognizes incarnation, karma and that the soul is eternal. . [read more]


Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing encompasses all aspects of our being and wellness. Many of our physical conditions (injuries/illnesses/depression/negative behavioral patterns) are caused by blockages in our energy system within the physical body (chakras/meridians), by emotional suppression/reaction/triggers resulting from childhood or past-life traumas, by dysfunctions in our belief system/thought forms, by karmic contracts, or by external influences such as disincarnated spirits or negative energies/entities. [read more]


Clearing Energy Blockages

The physical universe is made of energy and so is our physical body. We exist within the universe of energy and we are all interconnected! Like the trees which are fed by sunlight and the nurturing earth, our body is nurtured by the flow of universal energy which is invisible to most of us! Within us, there exists the energy systems of chakras (energy centres-Hindu Metaphysical) and meridians (energy conduits -Traditional Chinese Medicine). Once these energy systems are open, balance and flowing, we maintain health and universal abundance. [read more]


Spirit Release

IThroughout history spirit release has been the role of shaman, holy man, healer, and priest in many indigenous and civilized cultures including Native American, Chinese, Egyptian, Hebrew, Greek and Indian. Many spirit possession cases have been documented although without scientific proof. Many psychologists/psychiatric/hypnotherapist have tumbled into cases of spirit possession and upon releasing the entities, their clients were healed miraculously. [read more]



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