Angels and Children


By Jessica Dao
Written for InnerSelf Magazine June and September 2014 Editions

Part 1

“Do you believe in angels?”

Whether you believe in angels or not, angels are available and accessible to all who seek for their guidance, assistance and… Continue reading

Staying Spiritually Awakened…

… with Unconditional


Written for InnerSelf Magazine March 2014

The year 2012 marked the new beginning of spiritual enlightenment for humanity. The energy pendulum, swinging between Dark and Light, striking towards equilibrium… incubating the emergence of the New Beginning… Continue reading

The New Dawn & Revelation of Egyptian Mysteries

The New Dawn and Revelation of Egyptian Mysteries

As humanity survived the 21:12:12 End Time prophecy, it is a time to embrace the New Dawn, a Divine opportunity given to mankind to create a Heaven on this Planet Earth.

Throughout our spiritual evolution, we saw rise and fall… Continue reading

Rainbow Light Meditation Uluru The New Dawn 2012

Awaken the Inner Goddess and Living in Harmony with “All That Is”

Written for Innerself Magazine – Nov 2012 Edition – By Jessica Dao

living in harmony with all that is

Painting – “Isis – The Goddess of Magick and Healing” by Jessica Dao

The Venus transit of June 2004 and 2012 both ushered with Divine Feminine Energies… Continue reading

Understanding and Clearing Difficult Negative Energies – Reptilian

By Jessica Dao
Updated July 2015

Understanding an clearing difficult negative energies

In this article I hope to share valuable information about clearing Reptilian energy/entities which I have gathered in the recent months through my healing and teaching experience, and with input from other spiritual healers.… Continue reading

What Crystals Do I Need To Work With?

Written for Wings of Isis’s Newsletter – By Jessica Dao

What crystals should I work with?

Many of us are so drawn to crystals that we can’t resist buying them. They are indeed beautiful beings who want to work with us, but we can’t always afford… Continue reading

Managing Through the New Energy Shifts

Written for Innerself Magazine – July 2012 Edition – by Jessica Dao

Atlantis Reflection by Jessica Dao

Painting – “Atlantis Reflection” by Jessica Dao

In the recent years, there has been increasing waves of energy coming to the planet and we are now in the… Continue reading

Uluru 2012 – The New Dawn

Written for Inner-Self National Magazine – April 2012 Edition

Uluru painting by Jessica Dao

Painting by Jessica Dao “Tjukurpa – Beyond the rainbow”

Watching the sunrise at Uluru on the New Year of 2012 was an experience of a lifetime. As the sun rose, revealing… Continue reading

Children of the Stars – Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow Children

By Jessica Dao
December 2011

Star Children - article by Jessica Dao

We often get caught up in the fast moving lifestyle of our high-tech and materialistic society and wonder where the time has gone! Our children grow up so quickly while we juggle between raising them… Continue reading