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Angels and Children


By Jessica Dao
Written for InnerSelf Magazine June and September 2014 Editions

Part 1

“Do you believe in angels?”

Whether you believe in angels or not, angels are available and accessible to all who seek for their guidance, assistance and… Continue reading

Staying Spiritually Awakened…

… with Unconditional


Written for InnerSelf Magazine March 2014

The year 2012 marked the new beginning of spiritual enlightenment for humanity. The energy pendulum, swinging between Dark and Light, striking towards equilibrium… incubating the emergence of the New Beginning… Continue reading

Understanding and Clearing Difficult Negative Energies – Reptilian

By Jessica Dao
Updated July 2015

Understanding an clearing difficult negative energies

In this article I hope to share valuable information about clearing Reptilian energy/entities which I have gathered in the recent months through my healing and teaching experience, and with input from other spiritual healers.… Continue reading