The Pyramid of Light

The Pyramid of Light is a symbol of ascension, a manifestation of heaven on the physical earth plane through Self-realisation and God-realisation for those souls who are seeking a higher consciousness ... the path to enlightenment.

The Egyptian Great Pyramid is believed to be an energy portal connecting the earth plane to Sirius where many souls and the Egyptian Gods reside. It is a connection of Heaven and Earth.

During this exciting time on our planet, many souls have volunteered as messengers of light, delivering and sharing divine love, wisdom and the essence of Oneness; a soul mission assisting in the process of birthing the earth and its inhabitants from our third dimension into the fifth dimension.

Through The Pyramid of Light, Jessica’s mission is to fulfill her primary soul-purpose as a messenger of light channelling through her writing, paintings and facilitating spiritual workshops. Jessica also offers her services as a Spiritual Healer/Counselor and an Angel Psychic/Medium.

Jessica combines the knowledge of Egyptian Alchemical Soul Healing, Angel miracles, crystals, Reiki, advanced spirit releasement, emotional releasement, past-life and childhood trauma hypnotherapy, sacred geometry, numerology, palmistry, psychology, family/relationship counselling/mediation, star children; and ascension in her work.

Through her workshops, Jessica passionately shares her life/healing/teaching experiences, ancient knowledge and wisdom with an intention to inspire others in realising their soul-purpose and finding the path of self-realisation and enlightenment. We are all Divine and we are One!

- Jessica Dao

Spiritual Healer/Counselor
Angel Psychic/Medium
Spiritual Workshop Facilitator
Spiritual Artist/Writer
Architect/Project Manager

Advanced Spirit Releasment,
Emotional & Karmic Releasement
Hypnotherapy - Past-life and Childhood Traumas
Alchemical Soul Healing
Clearing energy blockages (chakras/meridians) in physical body,
Crystals, Rainbow energy, Angels and Egyptian Divinities

Member of National Federation of Healers
Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapists (IICT)

The Pyramid of light