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“I honour the place in you which is the same in me.
I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides.
I honour the place in you where the soul is eternal.
In this place only Light, Love, Truth and Peace matter…
We are all and yet being just One.”

The pyramid of light

Welcome to The Pyramid of Light

Jessica Dao

Aromatherapy, Massage, Acupressure and Traditional Chinese Remedies
Spiritual and Relationship Counselling | Spiritual and Energy Healing
Spiritual Workshop Facilitation | Intuitive Reading

Holistic approach to healing by addressing the full aspect of the human body, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Heal injuries, illnesses, negative habits and depression by releasing internal negative emotions and thought patterns; unblocking physical circulation and allowing for the flow of energy through massage and acupressure; combined with spiritual energy work to release and heal external influences such as negative entities and past-life karma.

Specialise in Advanced Spirit Releasement.

Courses Australia & overseas

The Pyramid of Light is a symbol of ascension, a manifestation of Heaven on Earth, through Self-realisation and God-realisation to reach Enlightenment and Oneness.

Together we shall uncover the hidden mysteries and remember our ancient knowledge and wisdom; connect to the spirit world for guidance, protection, holistic healing of ourselves, others, the planet and its inhabitants; discover our inner hidden qualities by reaching the apex of our consciousness.

We shall be One of Love, Light, Peace and Truth. We shall manifest Heaven on Earth.